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Rocket Mouse and his friends prepare a big party.

Together they will encourage your little one to build a rocket, count balloons, catch shapes, match colours, play dress up and solve puzzles.

Follow instructions with English and French narrating voices and develop language skills. Made and tested by parents, the game is entirely safe and ad-free. 

Ideal for children from 18 months to 4 years old. Not geared towards any gender, meaning boys and girls can play the app together. 

Educational value

  • Identify shapes, numbers and colours
  • Count from 1 to 10 with voice narration
  • Count down from 5 and launch a rocket
  • Assemble fun and colourful puzzles
  • Identify body parts and clothes
  • Go bilingual with English and French narrative voices

Benefits and features

  • Travel in beautiful exciting scenes
  • Charming hand-drawn characters
  • Educational challenges for toddlers
  • Voice over and text in English and French
  • Engaging music
  • Safe and ad-free

More at https://sofielafee.com/rocket-mouse

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